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TWINKLE Childcare and Development Center


You want your children to be strong academically by learning English, Mandarin and Math with world class techniques and concepts to prepare them for Singapore schools? You want to have a more international orientation with English and German? And most of all you want your children to have the time of their life learning but learning a lot?


If above applies, Twinkle Childcare is the right place for your children. Just behind Upper Bukit Timah Road, 5 minutes walk from the new Beauty World MRT station. In a quiet bungalow setting this Childcare Center is a small heaven for kids in a city like Singapore.

We cater for children from 18 months to 6 years and prepare them for Singapore’s Primary One. We use Montessori and Inquiry based methods to help the children with their individual talents and challenges.


Vision and Concept


Our vision is very simple and based on what really matters:

"We care for the children!" We genuinely care every day, every hour and every minute.


Come and visit us to see and feel it. The children are happy when they come to us in the morning, happy during the day, learning, exploring having fun and most of the time do not even wish to leave for home.

Our concept if summarized is also simple:

“Learning is easy and fun! - I want to learn because I am happy and want to, not because I have to.


We strongly believe in learning through guidance and role modelling. Children want to play and along with it love to learn.



Twinkle is MOE/ECDA approved and has made children ready for Singapore schools since it started over 30 years ago. Since 2015 it has a new management, concept and team.


The Centre has a unique location with being in the midst of two big gardens with lots of trees, plants, flowers, as well as a few animals. Especially nowadays this is very important for children growing up in big cities. They need and want to have a connection to Mother Nature and spending a good amount of time outdoors in the garden, doing planting, learning about local fruits and plants and just run around and play on the grass. We are proud of our self-managed organic vegetable and herb gardens.



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